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Hand Stamped Metal Cuff Bracelet -Healthcare - Medical Worker ~Inspiration

Hand Stamped Metal Cuff Bracelet -Healthcare - Medical Worker ~Inspiration

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This is such a great way to wear your Favorite words

They are open in the back. You can choose from 6 inches or 7 inches long. This is 1/4 inch wide. They are lightweight & easy to adjust. You slide the open part onto the side of your wrist. Once you wear it for the 1st time, it'll be exactly how you need it & do not recommend bending of the metal over & over. The Brass & Copper Cuffs do not have as much play in them as the Aluminum cuffs. 

6 Inches long is the "standard" size requested. If you've been blessed with a slightly larger wrist, the 7 inches in length would be great for you! 

IF you need a smaller size, please contact me, so I can assist you with this! 


I do not recommend getting bracelet wet.

Our cuffs bring inspiration to you and your sisters throughout your day. They're great reminders of love, your journey, your hopes & dreams.