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Tie Bar Clip Flowers  Special Event Wedding,  Funeral Cremains /ashes, Pet Cremains/ Fur
Tie Bar Clip Flowers  Special Event Wedding,  Funeral Cremains /ashes, Pet Cremains/ Fur

Tie Bar Clip Flowers Special Event Wedding, Funeral Cremains /ashes, Pet Cremains/ Fur

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This Tie Bar Clip will create a keepsake that is very dear to you.  The metal part is just a tad over 2 inches in length.  

If ordering 1 item for cremains, please send 1 tablespoonful. Any remaining will be sent back to you with your order. 

*** Color Flakes are a great addition to add to your cremains. In the Message area, please add if you would like color fakes added & the color desired. If no color is mentioned, none will be added to your pieces. 

If ordering a flower piece, A "Collection" of small flower pieces will be used from the flowers you send. Tiny Clear bubbles are added at the end of the process to help make it glimmer. 

Your keepsake or memorial item can be created using any flowers or greenery from any event that you hold dear.  You can use as many different colors of flowers in your piece as you would like.

Please send your materials to:

Cuffs that Inspire

5343 Belleville Crossing Street pmb63

Belleville, Illinois 62223

All of your items will be handled with the utmost care & respect. 

If you're not sure how much to send, contact us at;


Or TEXT 618-550-0707

If your flowers are already dried, please note this in the message area. Please package carefully.

If your flowers are being sent before drying, please allow 2-3 weeks for the drying process. 

 Your order needs to be made before sending keepsake materials. 

Make sure to check your shipping address for correct shipping. Your order will be sent to only the address you check out with. 

 Let me know when your keepsake materials are in the mail. I will contact you when your package is received letting you know your order completion timeframe. This will vary depending if we are drying your flowers for you or not.

Please try to purchase all of your items together on 1 invoice. If more than 1 order is made  for the same keepsake materials, you need to mention in the message area for us to make sure all of your orders are put together. If an order is made after I receive your materials, your order completion date is based on the date of your last order. Thankyou 

Returns & Exchanges:
We don't accept returns or exchanges due to the nature of materials used in creating your pieces.