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Leather Black Wrap Cuff (you can personalize)

Leather Black Wrap Cuff (you can personalize)

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This Genuine Leather wrap is a gorgeous Black and is 36 inches in total length. So, no matter what size wrist you have been Blessed with, this is for you! This will wrap around your wrist 3 to 4 times. 

The ends are knotted and you just tie & tuck. The leather has a slight stretch to it and it ensures comfort.  

You can order this word, or choose your own and add it in the message area at checkout.  Please just be sure no more words than just a few, to ensure it will fit on the gorgeous Antiqued Oval Bronze Metal. 

This will arrive to you in a gift box. Perfect for gift giving or as a gift to yourself. 

Some ideas for personalizing are:

Be still & know

Just Breathe



Choose Joy

Trust the Journey

Our cuffs bring inspiration to you or your sisters throughout your day. They're great reminders of love, your journey, your hopes & dreams. 

Have you heard?  We have partnered with Fearless Women StL. Every purchase made allows us to donate a portion of our sale to help them with their mission. Fearless Women's Mission is to equip women with the tools necessary to overcome anxiety and fear. This mission is close to our heart.